Dr. Hamid Shakeri







I am your neighbor in Willowdale and a father of two children both born in Ontario. The elder born in Toronto. Both of my children enjoyed school in Willowdale, namely at Cummer Valley Middle School and Earl Haig Secondary School, Since 1993 I have been a resident in Toronto. I am concerned about the future of this city that is mainly run by career politicians. I am concerned about the issue of affordability of the city particularly for the next generation, including my own children. The city budget mainly relies on / addicted to the revenue from construction companies making the city more compact and less efficient in terms of transportation. City officials selling the existing infrastructure that belongs to the citizens to developers without mandating them to invest on infrastructure. The winners are the big construction companies and developers at the expense of city residents. The city moves towards turning into a place just to work hard and afford a place only to sleep! A city must be a place for living! This is my opinion that projects run by the city are not managed properly, costs are significantly higher than they should be, pavements expected to last for decades becomes unusable in a couple of years. Are we sure the best bidder wins the contract in our city? My background, my concerns for the future of my children and children of others, my enthusiasm for making this city a better place for living, and preventing the erosion of the necessary services in the city and last but not the least affordability of the city is my drive to run for a seat in the city council.

Thank you for your support!