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Violence is no longer limited to Jane and Finch

Not that long ago according to the general perception violence was restricted to a few areas of the city. Not dealing with the causes, bandage solutions and just kicking the can resulted in where we are now!

A Complex problem cannot be solved by a simplistic analysis

Politicians are after short term gains and avoid dealing with the root causes. Declaring a quick fix is more attractive for career politicians, without acknowledging that adding a few hundred police officers to GTA is hardly able to produce a dent. Let’s not forget that the police budget was a controversial issue in recent years. The fact is even with the best police services a city like Toronto cannot reduce violence without a robust poverty eradication strategy, more resources to tackle mental health challenges and addiction. We need more dedicated hospital beds, more mental health nurses and more social workers before adding more police officers. Better use of police resources as well as smart policing goes hand in hand better social services.