Zhirui Wang, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

I know Hamid since 1993 as the academic supervisor of his graduate studies. Through the years of interactions with Hamid, I have found him to be a very honest, dedicated and logical person. While dealing with complex problems, he is always calm and very analytical aiming for a sound judgement. I sincerely believe that the combination of his more recent experiences with mental health and social issues, extensive engineering / scientific background and project initiation & leadership has made him an excellent choice for a community councillor.

从1993年起,作为他在多伦多大学研究生学习的导师, 我就认识了Hamid Shakeri 先生。多年的交流互动, 使我了解到Hamid Shakeri 先生是一位非常诚实, 有奉献精神,并理性的同仁。当面临复杂的问题时, 他总是能保持冷静,并努力深入分析问题从而获得最好的判断。同时,我也进一步了解到, 在近些年里, Hamid从各种工作活动中,又获得了如下方面的·综合素质:在精神健康及社会事务方面的经验, 对超强的科学及工程背景的应用,以及发起社会(区)题案并向前推进方面的领导力。 因此,我诚执的相信,Hamid是一个极其优秀的社区议员选择。

Reza Nahidi, senior engineer and community member:

I've known Hamid since 1984. He has always been passionate about social causes and spent his time advocating for those in need.

Hamid has always been an activist at heart and worked towards justice and maintaining the rule of law and common sense. I strongly believe that he is an excellent choice for a councillor to represent Willowdale and her interests at city hall.

I have witnessed Hamid's selfless contributions in social assistance and helping others without expecting anything in return numerous times. He has a big heart and works constantly for the welfare and betterment of others.

Dr. Hashim Nazarwal, overseas trained physician and community member:

A humble, experienced and kind personality! You can count on one who has self control!

!رفتار شان مرا بياد مولوي (مولانا جلال الدين) مياندازه

صرف آنکسی که نفس خودرا کنترل کند، سزاوار سپردن امانت رای است و میتوان ازو توقع خیر را داشت

Professor Zhirui Wang

Professor Zhirui Wang

Reza Nahidi, senior engineer and community member

Reza Nahidi, senior engineer and community member


“Being a city councillor is not like being a member of Parliament or member of provincial parliament — you are required to be in your community working with people directly on issues that affect them,”.

“... Developers compared to citizens are very powerful — they have money, they have lawyers, they have planners. All the citizens have is their local elected representative.”

Former Toronto Mayor David Miller