The right balance!

The right balance!

  • Sustainable-responsible development: if elected I will advocate for a high-rise construction-free zone in the Yonge corridor until new capacity / infrastructure is added to the area. Willowdale is in a crisis for childcare and school space.

  • Affordability is a major concern for all parents: if elected I will fight to change City Hall’s priority from the big development companies to that of ordinary citizens. City Hall's addiction to the land transfer tax must be phased out by changing this tax in a way that benefits ordinary citizens.

  • One is too many when it comes to deaths due to violence or accidents, if elected I will advocate for fighting the root causes such as poverty, mental health challenges and addiction, as well as smart policing.

  • Federal and provincial governments must pitch in to build a significantly higher number of affordable housing units.

  • Traffic congestion, mainly due to irresponsible development, needs to be addressed ASAP. If elected, I will advocate for overhauling the outdated traffic planning and design as well as using smart technologies. Lane reduction on Yonge street is incompatible with ongoing irresponsible development in the area!

  • City Hall has been in a reactionary mode for a long time and not ready for natural disasters. Do you remember the 2013 flood that reoccurred in 2018? I will fight for a proactive City Hall and increased readiness for emergencies.

  • Politicians have always used taxation as a token to manipulate voters. I will fight for fairness in taxation. Tax increases must be the last tool used by City Hall. I strongly believe that residential and small business taxes must remain the same until they are sold to a new owner.